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Malmö non-profit organisation – to represent and protect the interests of Malmö’s non-profit associations.

Malmö Ideella dates back to 1945 when the youth associations of Malmö united in order to support each other, to show their importance to the community and to speak with one voice. In 1975 Malmö’s growing number of immigrant associations organised in a similar fashion and in 2002 these two organisations joined forces, making Malmö Ideella the oldest and largest “trade union” for non-profit associations in Sweden. Any democratic non-profit association active in Malmö, are welcome to become a member of Malmö Ideella which is religiously and politically independent.

One of Malmö Ideella´s main tasks is to work on strengthening the associations resources and improve their conditions. The uniquely close cooperation with the municipality of Malmö is of great importance in this work.

Malmö Ideella gathers and disseminates news and information to its members, as well as to politicians, civil servants and the general public. The organisation is active in, and frequently initiates, working groups and networks. Malmö Ideella encourages and contributes to research on the social and economic value of the non-profit sector.

Malmö Ideella works to help the associations improve and show their standard of quality. To raise the level of knowledge, Malmö Ideella develops manuals and arranges courses and seminars on how to start, manage and develop a non-profit association. Malmö Ideella has also developed guides and forms so that the associations can document their members commissions, experiences and skills achieved – a valuable competence on todays labour market.

Member associations are entitled to assistance and advice from our consultants, but any new or longtime established association can find useful information on one of our websites, (

Malmö is a multicultural city, which presents both challenges and opportunities. Malmö Ideella works to stimulate the cultural and social multitude of Malmö – to deal with the challenges and to highlight the opportunities.

About Malmö Ideella

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