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Ny medlem - Bring Hope

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation was founded in 2015 in Malmö, Sweden and Northern Iraq. Bring Hope was created as a response to the increased need for aid for millions of displaced people who were forced to migrate into Iraqi Kurdistan attempting to flee from the ISIS incursion, its subsequent torture, and resulting starvation -- arriving any way possible, many on foot. Since our inception, we have expanded our operations to include durable development programmes run on the ground in Northern Iraq, and delivered aid to countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are now registered in eight countries, including Sweden (our HQ), Iraq (our field office), the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, U.A.E., Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Our vision Restored dignity and harmony in the lives of those experiencing humanitarian crisis, displacement and poverty. Our mission To be a generative power in alleviating suffering, nurturing long-lasting development and bringing hope to those we serve, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity or nationality. Programmes and projects: Our programmes aim to build skills, improve physical and mental wellbeing, ensure health needs are addressed, revive agriculture, and above all to facilitate positive opportunities for participation for those living in refugee camps to generate a sense of optimism and hopefulness. Our focus in Sweden is to spread awareness about the rights of vulnerable groups, including minorities, refugees and women.

International Partnerships: Throughout the years, Bring Hope has built an extensive network of local and international partners through which it can deliver its programmes and humanitarian aid. These partnerships form the pillar of success of the organization and ensure the continued delivery of essential aid and projects. We work collaboratively with donation, logistics, distribution and institutional partners, including multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs and advisory groups. Some of these partnerships include: UNHRD, UN Peacekeeping, Johnson & Johnson & Covington Burling. We are also proud members of UN Global Compact and the International Humanitarian City (IHC), as well participating in WHO and WFP joint program: INITIATE 2.


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