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Project Approved 'YANG' from Sweden

We are immensely glad to inform partners that our small scale in partnerships in youth with the title ' Youth as Agent to Negate Global climate change via visual means' acronym 'YANG' is approved by Swedish National agency.

Four organizations, Malmö Ideella as coordinating organization & Centre for capacity building & empowerment as local partner from Sweden, Dracon Rules Design Studio from Greece and PNEVMA LLC from Bulgaria will be partner in this 18-month-old project starting 01-05-2022.

There will be a kickoff and a conclusion meeting of the participating organizations while two mobilities of youth workers and youth will take place. We will share further information about the project design and our strategy for implementation of the project activities.

Asif Khan will be leading overall project activities from Malmö Ideella while Ivar Scotte, the head of Malmö Ideella, will lead to communication with National Agency Sweden.

We are looking forward to having a great collaboration.


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